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Unbridled Thoughts

It's spring here at Unbridled Warriors Inc. and this time of year always reminds us of continued growth and renewal. With fuzzy hair flying off of our horse and pony friends as they shed and show their warm weather colors we know there is work to do but a beautiful shine underneath it all! We believe that is how it can happen for our participants as well, work and renewal!

Apr 6, 2017
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Thoughts for today

Feb 8, 2017
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"It has been remarkable to witness relationships develop between combat veterans and therapeutic horses. In only a few sessions, one can see how these animals allow for the reestablishment of trust, safety, boundary-setting, patience, and tenderness - essential human qualities that are often damaged in a war zone. I have seen my patients make leaps of faith and gain meaningful psychological and emotional connections with their horses. They learn how to feel in control again - and often times through communicating without words. The metaphors for life and relationships abound. The tranquil, natural setting of equine therapy has proven to be therapeutic in itself, something that the confines and expectations of the therapy room cannot always provide. My patients have been afforded the opportunity to feel engaged, vital, and capable - in some cases for the first time since returning from war. This modality of treatment, as an adjunct to traditional therapy, has been an ideal experience for allowing healthier longer-term functioning."


Tracy Hejmanowski, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist, Program Manager, Deployment Health Center


Thank you for all t hat you have done and do for our group! I have seen changes in the gents already.

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