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Unbridled Thoughts

It's spring here at Unbridled Warriors Inc. and this time of year always reminds us of continued growth and renewal. With fuzzy hair flying off of our horse and pony friends as they shed and show their warm weather colors we know there is work to do but a beautiful shine underneath it all! We believe that is how it can happen for our participants as well, work and renewal!

Apr 6, 2017
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Thoughts for today

Feb 8, 2017
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Horses  have assisted humans through many transitions. 

Our herd is now involved in helping people discover their interaction patterns and the sometimes difficult road to self acceptance and understanding.


The horses experience and understand the hypervigilance and rapid responses required of our military and first responders. They also live in a social system (the herd) that manages behavior through communication, relationships, social standing, and a hierarchy of needs & survival. For thousands of years their survival has been dependent upon their social network, communication, hypervigilance and action. Although they are similar to our Military personnel and First Responders, the horses are able to remain vigilant, take action when needed, yet let go of that stress and connect with the herd in a healthy way. They can and do demonstrate and assist us in doing the same. Learning to hang onto the necessary responses of an action oriented career yet staying connected to our social system and being able to relax are only a few of the lessons they can teach.

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